Rent Our Photo Booth - Take Home Pretty Photo Prints And Wonderful Memories

Photo booths are a unique and affordable way to add excitement and interactivity to any social event, from birthday celebrations to weddings and corporate events. Providing both party hosts and guest attendees with a fun way to create memories with instant photos.

We also do live photo booths, allowing people to share photos on Instagram, Facebook and Social Media.

What is an Instant Photo Booth?

Live photography and photo booths have exploded in popularity across Singapore social events in recent years, from corporate parties to anniversaries, christmas celebrations, and wedding receptions.

A memorable new way is to provide guests with an experience different from traditional roving photographers. A photo booth is a perfect fun addition to any party for your guest.

Professional Photo Booth with reasonable price in Singapore

Pictured here is one of our photo-booth (Greenscreen) to fit the people onto your free template design (included in our package).

It is basically a booth where people walk in and out to get their photos taken candidly (automated with our team guiding them). They can come back later to collect their instant 4R print (with plastic sleeves) for keepsake of the event.

A load of positive points as to why hosts are now choosing photo booths as an add on top of hiring our professional photographers and videographers.

Why Rent a Photo Booth?

The enclosed space of a photo booth offers quality lighting at any time of the day, providing excellent keepsakes for everyone. Some party hosts choose to set up a dedicated hashtag for their event, helping people to search for and find party snaps online.

Interactive Engagement for Guest

Photo-booths are usually an exciting way to let guests enjoy your party. Suitable for engagements at the host’s own home, work, or elsewhere.
A photo booth with physical prints helps guests look back after the end of an event and see memories in a tangible format that will ensure your event won’t ever be forgotten.


Example of our Roving Photography with Instant Print

Instant Print for all delegates before they go back home

Our 4R prints with Standees (Add On) ready to be collected at our booth.

Our 4r standees are purchasable at $1.80/ piece as well (in hundreds).

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Instant Print Photo Booth Price in Singapore 2024

  • 2 Hours (Minimum): $900
  • Subsequent Hours: $380/ hour

The Digital Moments Photo-Booth includes:

  • Instant Print Team
  • Printer + backup printer
  • Unlimited Prints + individual plastic sleeves (20 secs/ 4R print)
  • FREE Customization of Photo Template Design to suit your Event Theme (4R size) for everyone
  • Plastic Sleeves with each photo printout
  • Softcopies will be sent to your email via DL link within 48 hours

Reliable Photo Booth in Singapore!


Green Screen Photo Booth in Singapore

4R Printout (Single Shot)

Photo Booth Singapore

4R Printout (Super imposed background)

Above 4R is with a super imposed background using our green screen as backdrop and our customized photo template design.

Different customisation to fit your theme - 4 photos in one 4R  (Above)

We Cover Roving Photography Instant Print as well

We provide Roving Instant Print photography as an option as well.
Top up: $180/ hour.

Instead of a fixated photo-booth, we have a roving photographer moving around getting photos. Photos will be printed at our booth, guest will have a printout each before they leave the venue.

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