Live Streaming Singapore 2024

We now provide Live Streaming services to you guys, when you, your family, or your company needs it.

Live telecast of your wedding ROM Solemnisation, Online Meetings, Online Feed to your employees, Online Discussions, Stage Performances to Online Audiences, Stage Awards for parents to view your children getting awards, we cover most of it.
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Video Live Feed for Audience at home/ office in Singapore

Video Live Streaming in progress for 130 people in our room @ a Primary School in Singapore

Streaming Services Singapore

We provide Live Streaming Services on widely used programmes/ apps like ZOOM.US (the most reliable some say/ most common), Google Meet, Skype & others. Zoom.US is the app we use most often for Streaming Service in Singapore.

Here are some of the Professional Quality Live Telecast we offer:

  • ROM Solemnisation Live Stream (To friends unable to come due to max limit reached on actual location)
  • Stage Performance Live Stream
  • Award Giving Ceremony Live Stream (Online Audience like parents of awardees)
  • Online Discussions in your company (For employees working from home)
  • Much needed Urgent Meetings in your company
  • Webinar Live Streaming (People interested in something, needs some live action from speaker in order to fully understand)
  • Big Meetings/ Small Meetings




Roll down to find out The Digital Moments Live Feed Streaming Services Rate for 2024.

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The Digital Moments Live Streaming Services Rate 2024 in Singapore

Due to different requirements from clients, the rates differ for live streaming. Please contact us (Whatsapp green icon on bottom right) for a quick quote.

Premium Professional Result for the cost

Cost includes all the high end equipments to get the job done.
What do we do/ use that makes our end result different from your webcam style? See our photo at the top of the page there. Similar setup.

  • Professional DSLR Cameras
  • Expensive lenses that gives you all the epic creamy bokeh in the foreground/ background you see in the TV.
  • Tripods
  • Professional Audio Equipment/s to let you listen to the speaker sharp, crisp and clear
  • Computers
  • Programs to operate
  • Wirings/ Adapters, loads of it
  • Operator/ Camera operator/ Computer operator
  • Backup equipment/s in case of failure

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We also cover Outdoor Photoshoots. Editorial/ Office Environment Portraits/ Family Photoshoots/ Couple Photoshoots, we got it.