Event Photography Services Singapore

If you are looking for a photography company with award winning, qualified and passionate photographers, you have landed on the right page.

We provide Professional Photography and Videography Services all over Singapore in 2022.

Event Photography Price 2022

  • 1 Hour: $190
  • 2 Hours: $290
  • 3 Hours & above: $130/ hour

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Our Event Photography Services 

• Corporate and Business Shows & Conferences 

• New Product Launch & Exhibitions 

• Award Ceremonies

• Celebration Parties

• Motivational / Educational Seminars

• Ground Breaking Ceremonies

• Birthday celebrations

• Graduation Parties

• Anniversary Parties 


Why Choose US? 

1. We are a Team of Experts You Can Trust 

Our photographers have a unique skill set in event photography and have the proficiency to capture the moments and not just take pictures. They are flexible and go the extra mile to take shots from unique angles. Everyone will look great regardless of whether they have applied makeup or not, thanks to the pro's ability and knowledge making everyone look stunning and add value, meaning, and context to your event. 

2. High-Quality Images 

Our professionals have years of experience and are always passionate about documenting the details of your public engagement, party, Product Launchs, Grand Openings, etc. We provide you with the best images that can be used during your event or after the event. You can view our gallery (By clicking the photo above) web portfolios. 

3. Modern Photography Tools 

Whether your event is happening in a room with no windows, dark basement, indoors or outdoors, our photographers will still capture great photos. We have the knowledge, skills and right gears to get the job done. A variety of lighting and lenses help our photographers to shoot beautiful images at your event. Our experts also have extensive experience on using the top photo editing programs. 

4. Competitive Edge

We are living in a highly competitive nation in 2022, meaning that you have to come up with inventive and innovative strategies to grab maximum attention, ignite publicity and boost your sales. Our event photography and videography service are what you need to market and promote your events/business. Moreover, these images shows your employees that you care about them, providing a great opportunity for team building. They will easily reflect the time spent together learning, networking or partying, making them feel at ease with each other and be even more productive.

5. We help You Attract New Customers 

Your website, blog or social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) is the first impression to most customers, clients or buyers. This means that photos you post on these pages can either make or break a sale even before you can realize it. We assure you that photos taken by our experts will impress many and attract new clients when posted/ published.

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