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Looking for a professional photographer whom is able to cover your upcoming business conference or annual report meeting? Worry no more as you are in the right place. At The Digital Moments, we are a Singapore based Corporate Photography company that promises Quality over Quantity professional services. With years of experience in the industry, we are capable of capturing the atmosphere of any corporate event.

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Key Points in Corporate Photos

1. Event Photography

Annual event coverage is an important aspect to any corporate organization because it’s a perfect way keeping a record of important key milestones. It can also be an important part of branding as the business would get a perfect opportunity to share important achievements with the rest of the world. That’s why we are here to participate in building your brand by capturing your important events though our lenses. Our corporate photography services include the following:

2. Group Photos

For a company’s annual reports meeting to be memorable, taking group photos can be important. Our team of photographers are highly skilled and can get the attendees together for beautiful group photos. They can capture great moments with several clicks, something that will help you relive the moment for many years to come.

3. Portraits

If you would want to immortalize important attendees or guests in your annual reports meeting through pictures, our creative team can help you take exceptional fine art portraits that will grace your company’s history in the years to come.

4. Location Photos

Taking location photos for use in your online company website gallery or posting them on a blog, can be a great way of remembering the good times shared with business partners and other important guests.


Event Videography

Apart from capturing excellent photos of the events as they happen, we also specialize in taking videos for news. If you need video recording of important parts of professional meetings, then our experienced team of photographers can help you achieve that. We are dedicated to working with your specific needs to ensure your event remains memorable and that your story gets publishable content.

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The rates we charge for corporate photography or videography largely depends on the type of photos or videos you require. We simply promise our clients what surpasses their expectations. Simply fill in the contact form above, or call +65 9456 3304 (Whatsapp Call preferably) for an immediate response.

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