Wedding Photography Package Singapore

If you would like to make your wedding day a memorable one, you must be looking for a professional wedding photographer or company that can provide you with honest, heartfelt and timeless images. At The Digital Moments, we are the photography and videography providers in Singapore you can reply on. Our experienced photographers capture every photography and video to not only remind you of your wedding day, but also relive every special moment & event of the “Big Day.”


Pre Wedding Photography - $468

Pre Wedding + ROM Photography - $968

Actual Day Wedding Photography -  $1,268

Actual Day + Pre Wedding + ROM Photography - $1,968

Here is a LIST of our Wedding photography services. 

• Pre-Wedding / Engagement session/ Bridal Photography Singapore

• Overseas Pre - Wedding Photography

• Studio Wedding Photography 

• Actual Day Wedding Photography 

• Solemnization (ROM) ceremony. 


Why Choose Us? 

1. Exceptional experience

Our creative and innovative photographers listen carefully to every couple’s requirement and will produce photos in consideration of your ideas. Having been part of thousands of weddings over the past years, they capture the best wedding moments, especially the ones full of real and genuine emotions & feelings. During the photoshoot session, the experts are relaxed attentive and full of advice & suggestions. We will make your dream wedding a memorable one. 

2. We help you to be planner for wedding photography

If you book us, our experts will help you prepare and discuss with you your wedding photography. If you can meet our team in person, they will discuss all the details with you and ensure that the photography runs smoothly on the wedding day. 

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3. Quality Photos 

Our photographers are provided with top of the line professional gear. We shoot authentic, gorgeous, fine art photos of you, your partner, family members, friends and anyone attending your wedding using some of the most effective digital cameras, lighting, lenses, and equipment. Go to the view our portfolio. We assure you that you’ll love the quality of the final images, and you’ll feel proud to share them - be it Instagram, twitter, facebook or any other social site. 

4. Safety 

When it comes to wedding photography in singapore, you can be sure that your best moments of love will be safe in our hands. Highly-effective storage processes keep your precious photos secure. Moreover, we create multiple backups, meaning that your digital photos will never get damaged or lost due to any photo loss scenario. 

5. Affordable Pricing 

Every couple has the right to preserve the best moments of his/her wedding day, and that’s the main reason why our prices are valued at affordable rates. You can go through our wedding photography packages and determine the charges. Keep in mind that the packages can be customized to suit your budget, since each wedding is always conducted in a unique and different way. You can also benefit from our promotions, where we offer discounts on some of our photography packages. 

Contact Us.

Our photographic approach focuses on capturing unique, beautiful and professional photos that tells the story of your “big day.” We capture all of the emotions & romance, and your images will reflect the true personality of everyone, including you, your partner, friends, family members, etc. Fill up the form above. Alternatively, call us at + 65 9456 3304.