Video Streaming Services Singapore

The Digital Moments provides Live Streaming Services to online audiences and Live feeding on location to projectors in events. Please read below.

Live Video Streaming for Online Audience Singapore

The Digital Moments Video Streaming Service in progress at a ROM Solemnisation in Singapore.

LiveFeed Streaming Service for 2024

We use ZOOM programme/ youtube for LiveFeed to you guys (online audiences) due to the versatility of the programme. Online audiences do not even need to sign up as members in order to join the rooms/ webinars.

Here are some of the Professional Quality Live Telecast we offer:

- ROM Marriage Live Streaming Service

- Stage Acting/ Stage Performance Live Streaming Service

- Award Giving Ceremony Live Streaming Service (Eg; Family unable to come down to see their child receiving awards)

- Online Discussions Live Streaming Service (Be it employees needing to listen to a speaker, or discussion)

- Urgent Meetings in your company that requires Live Streaming Service

- Webinar Live Streaming Service

- Corporate Event Event Live Streaming Service

- Large Scale Meetings with up to 500 pax Live Streaming Service

- Small Meetings with 10 participants or less/more Live Streaming Service

As all Live Feed/ Live Stream requirements are different, please email us for a specialised quote.

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The Digital Moments Video Streaming Services for 2024 in Singapore

Premium Result with professional video equipments

We produce professional results that you are looking for, (Eg; dreamy blurs in foreground/ background of subject, Sharp Optical Zooming instead of Digital Zoom, proper clear audio).

Below will be the equipments used to produce Professional Online Streaming/ Live Feed onto projectors for you:

- Professional DSLR Cameras capable of streaming Full HD video

- Quality lenses that gives you all the creamy bokeh in the foreground/ background that you see on TV

- Tripods

- Professional Audio Equipment to let you listen to the speaker sharp, crisp and clear

- Laptops

- Programs to operate

- Wirings/ Adapters

- Operator/ Camera operator

- Backup equipment in case of failure.

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