Professional Freelance Photographer Singapore

At The Digital Moments, we offer professional photography at reasonable rates. We cover a huge array of photography you ask for, except drone photography/ videography. Ranging from our most commonly hired, Event Photography, Family Photography (indoors/ outdoors) and Editorial Photography, we provide quality over quantity photography at all times.

Professional Event Photography


Pro Photography Service in Singapore 2024

What The Digital Moments provide you with:

  • Event Photography
  • Outdoor Family Photography
  • Couple Shoots with your beloved pet(s) (Indoor/ Outdoors)
  • Editorial/ Commercial Portraits (Office/ Studio/ Environmental)
  • Groups/ Individual Portraitures (Office/ Outdoors)
  • ROM Photography & Videography

Event Photography Rate in 2024

Styles: Professional Event, Corporate Launches, Private Events, Birthday, Anniversaries, Family Gatherings

  • 1 Hour: $270
  • 2 Hours: $370
  • 3 Hours & above: $175/ hour

Editorial Photography Rate in 2024

  • 1 Hour: :$350
  • Subsequent Hours: $300

Outdoor Portrait Photography Rate in 2024

Styles: Individual Portraits, Corporate Portraits or Headshots, Family, Couple, Friends

  • 1 Hour: $300
  • Subsequent Hours: $180/ hour

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High End Result For The Rate You Pay

We try to capture candid moments that are unnoticed/ go by our eye in real time, as these expressions leave real fast from our faces. We only shoot in RAW, the highest quality in todays cameras.
These photos are gone through one by one to ensure consistency. The unpublishable ones are sieved out first (like closed eyes, slightly out of focused ones). We then edit the remaining publishable ones (Color Correction, Slight Re-crop for Better Framing, Enhance Blacks/ Whites,  Shadows, Contrast.

Outdoor Photography:

This applies to Family/ Couple/ Corporate Outdoor Shoot. We recommend staying in one location, instead of going to multiple locations (especially via a vehicle). This is to fully maximise the scheduled time for photo opportunities, instead of time being used to travel. Example, we start the shoot in Symphony Lake in Singapore Botanic Gardens. We can walk around for scenic spots around there, and then walk towards Swan Lake.

We walk ahead of you, trying to gather more candid photos of you/ your loved ones walking towards a the target spot.

Event Photography

We arrive prior the start time to recee the area (Check Lighting/ Status) and meet up with you. Equipments are set up and we will liase with you what needs to be covered photography wise.

We shoot in the highest quality available in our DSLR (RAW Format), thus minimal details in the photos are lost. By this way of post processing, we have a greater room to enhance the colors and contrast of the digital photos. No JPEGS in-camera are as good as your own Raw processing.

Benefits of Booking our Photography & Videography Service

Our team at The Digital Moments is a mix of school taught and experienced photographers (Learn from a senior) from years of experience on hand.
We aim to provide top notched quality photography at our rates. In many of our past photographs, the end results of the photos are only possible to achieve after we directed our clients on how to pose for the shots.

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