Pet Photographer in Singapore

Your beloved pet deserved to be remembered. The moments you interact with your pet also deserved to be saved. In our modern life especially a fast paced life in Singapore, we face so many stressful situations, your pet may be one of the factors that brings comfort and happiness to you. Here, at The Digital Moments, we help you to immortalise beautiful moments of you and your pet/s.

Dog running closeup for outdoor pet photography

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Plan carefully

We do plan carefully about your pet photo shoot. Let us know what and where you expect to be captured. Let us know in detail what you want for the shoot such as natural environments, outdoor activities with your pet or any special suggestion. From your information, we plan more carefully for the shoot. Example, we try to set up and bring props to the shoot, minimising the negative factors and arrange the shoot on time to spend your time efficiently.

Determine the photography style

Our Pet photographers have taken time to understand more about pet or animals in this photography field. This is to allow us to anticipate to have a higher hit ratio of the images we have in mind . Let us help you to capture those moments about your pet/s like,  fast action, funny pet’s behaviours, newborn pets, and portraits photography.

Capture emotion

To many people, a pet is also an important part of their family. Every family would love to cherish the moment to having photo memories that can remind you of a special family member.  We pay attention to every little detail to get more and more worthy moments ever.

Best Quality Pet Photographs

The Digital Moments is being managed by an International Multi Award Winning Photographer based in Singapore. We curate good pet photographers before they join the team. For almost non cooperative subjects like pets, our pet photographers do know when and how to anticipate those good furtography moments!

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Pet Photography Rate in Singapore 2021 (Outdoor)

  • 1 Hour: $220
  • 2 Hours: $370
  • 3 Hours: $520
  • 4 Hours: $670

For Indoors Studio Shoots, please email/ call us due to the huge range of different requirements/ equipment.

Contact us

We prefer to get discussion with you about your pet photography. Please fill up the form above, we will get back to you  as soon as possible, or call us at +65 9456 3304 for an immediate response.

We also have a team of professional event photographers that have a wealth of experience in event photography services like D&D and corporate events. Feel free to to message us about the different event photography services that we offer.