Photography Services Singapore

If you are looking for a Photography Services Company with photographers who appreciates the art of photography and produces quality photos, you are at the right place. At The Digital Moments, we are based in Singapore. We specialise in providing Professional Photography and videography services.

Our photographers have the knowledge and skills to create unique and amazing works of art through our years of in-field experience. You can rely on us to capture only the best photos for you.

Our Photography Services 

Wedding Photography (Pre-Wedding/ Bridal, Engagement, ROM and Actual Wedding Day)

Corporate Photography

• Product Photography

Commercial Photography

• Private and Corporate Event Photography (Dinner & Dance, Conferences, Festivals, Award Ceremonies, Nightlife, and more)

Food Photography

• Fashion & Beauty Photography

• Architecture and Home Photography (Interior and Exterior Design)

Family and Kids Photography (Family Portrait, Birthday Party, Graduation, Maternity, Newborn, etc.

• Professional Website, Blog, Online Photography

Photo Booth with Instant Photo Printing

• Photo Booth with Instant Photo Printing & Roving Photographer

Why Hire Us?

1. Professional Photography Service

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Our photographers are specially curated so that you only receive the best photos possible. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, our photographers uses their artistic eye and his/her ability to put your guests at ease, making your photos look natural. Their technical skills and years of experience let them capture riveting images that everyone will notice.  View our portfolio in the gallery to see what we are capable of.

2. Fast Turnaround & Quality Images

There is a lot of work to be done after the shoot. These post-production activities include downloading, various batch actions, color corrections, making multiple backups, retouching, creating and burning photos to CDs and DVDs, etc. Our team of experts put in hours of extra work (No kidding, as we literally go through photos and edit them 1 by 1) to help us stay above the rest, and we guarantee that your photographs will be processed and delivered within the shortest time possible, without compromising on quality.

3. Consistency

Most of our clients are repeat customers, thanks to our photographers' consistency. We achieve great results every time you choose us, and you can be sure that you’ll always get a strong collection of photos that tells your story and not just a few lucky shots. You’ll definitely be happy to work with a Pro who knows how to capture quality images all the time, and under any circumstances.

4. Competitive Edge

We work hard with the hope that every business/ company in Singapore will consider us as their top choice when looking for High-Quality photography services. Therefore, we ensure that our services give your business the extra edge to stay ahead of your competitors. Note that we can only achieve our goals after we have helped you achieve yours.

Contact Us!

We are always happy to hear from you and answer your questions. Contact us now for clarifications and free quotes on any of the above-listed services. You can either give us a call at +65 9456 3304 or fill up the form above and we well get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Pricing for Photography Services

We get questions on cost regularly. Below is the price list for the more common events such as corporate events and dinners, shop opening, birthday parties, launch parties and concert photography.

Price list for these shoots:

  • 1 Hour: $190
  • 2 Hours: $290
  • 3 Hours: $390
  • 4 Hours: $490
  • 5 Hours and above: $120 an hour

We also provide Event videography and Live Feed Videography Coverage. Capture not only stills, but motion during your event too!

Different genres, different cost

For events, birthday parties, it is pretty straight forward to quote, as the shoots are not complicated. However, when it comes to Editorial and commercial photography, it is better to know more of your requirements before we can give you a quotation over the phone or via email.

The cost varies and some factors and info that we need to know will include:

  • Number of planned photos required
  • Duration
  • Kind of shoot
  • Type of photos; e.g. Annual Reports, Product,  Lifestyle or Food Photography

After we get to know more information, then will we be able to quote you accurately.