Wedding Photography and Videography Package Singapore

We specialise in the art of wedding photography and videography in Singapore, and we are dedicated to serving all couples who would like to make their wedding day an unforgettable one. The beautiful dress, the special dance, your dad walking you down the aisle, romantic moments, love, tears, joy, friend & family members, etc.

Actual Day Wedding for Photo & Video - $2,388

Actual Day Wedding for Photo & Video + Pre Wedding Photo - $2,888

Actual Day Wedding for Photo & Video + Pre Wedding Photo + ROM Photo - $3,388

Our Services 

• Bridal Photography and Videography 

• Engagement Photography and Videography 

• Solemnization (ROM) Ceremony 

• Local Pre-Wedding Photography and Videography 

• Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography and Videography 

• Actual Wedding Day Photography and Videography 

• Instant Print & Post Wedding packages 


Why Choose Us? 

1. We Value You 

We believe that on your Wedding Day, you and your partner are the most important persons. You’ll note that our videographers and photographers are friendly, approachable and open to your ideas & Style. They will also be very patient, and you’ll only hear words of encouragement, and see positive gestures during the video/ Photoshoot sessions, regardless of repetitive shots requested. 


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2. Top Quality Photos and Videos 

Nobody would like to look “fake” in a wedding Photograph or video. We use cutting edge photography and videography equipment that are designed to capture your natural looks, smiles, dress, etc. All videos are recorded in HD and have clear audio, while photos are captured with the right camera settings, which results in sharp and crystal clear images. View our Gallery to see our work.

3. Affordability 

It can be quite stressful to plan a wedding, but getting married doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Our packages are competitive with the industry rates. You can also benefit from our packages which are affordable. 

4. Multitalented Team 

The versatility of our crew is just amazing. Over the past years, they have handled assignments of different nature, and proven themselves as a team capable of rapid adaptations. They know every trick on how to capture and edit powerful, emotional wedding images/ films that are full of feelings. 

5. Trustworthy 

We are very honest when explaining our services to potential customers. Our success can be attributed to our clients, who have always trusted and supported us by referring friends and relatives. We assure you that our photography and videography packages are delivered by qualified and highly experienced professionals who will never fail you. 

6. Full Coverage of Your Wedding 

Our professionals are time-conscious and will avail themselves on TIME. They use multiple cameras in different positions to ensure that your wedding events are captured completely. Every Photo/ Video is handled carefully with an aim to bring out raw emotions and individuality of each couple, family members, friends and everyone attending your wedding. Once the shooting session is over, your photos and videos will be edited in our studio with carefully chosen music, before they can be handed over to you in digital and DVD formats.

7. Freedom to Share Your Photos and Video highlights 

Once we deliver your photos and videos, you are free to post them on your blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sites, or create a wedding book. This enables you and your friends, relatives to go through the events of the “big day” and relive the beautiful memories. 

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Our wedding photo album and wedding video enable you to revisit the best moments of your wedding day. You’ll love the documentary storytelling approach used by our videographers and photographers, which enables anyone to follow the events of the “big day” through a step-by-step process. Simply fill up the form above/ call +65 9456 3304 today and turn the most captivating moments of your wedding into everlasting memories that you’ll cherish forever.