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At The Digital Moments, we use our veteran experience and professional services to celebrate some of the most iconic moments and events for our clients. Whether it’s an extravagant wedding ceremony, conference or corporate event, we can capture it all due to our vast history of photography in Singapore. If you’re looking for a professional photograph to document an important moment of your life, we at The Digital Moments will deliver with exceptional results.

List of Services and Events We Offer in Singapore

At The Digital Moments, we over a myriad of services and events in Singapore. Here are just a few of them.

Family and Wedding Photography Services

While we have many popular services available, two of the most popular are the family and wedding photography services that we offer. There's no better way to capture the raw love and celebration of a family get together or once in a lifetime wedding service. With our various photography and videography services, we pride ourselves to capture each and every beautiful moment and memory of your Singapore event.

Our Packages

We offer a wide array of packages at our studio which all depend on what you are looking for. Whatever the occasion, we have a pack for you that will give great value and satisfaction with our photography art portfolio, video gallery, and other work. We strive to produce the best package deals in Singapore that utilize the skills of our photographers at their full potential. From capturing that perfect moment to professional editing, our packages guarantee that your memorable day is the one you will never forget.

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Photo Customization

Also, included in our varied services are full photo customization. Whatever you want in your photo, our team of skilled photographers and editors and accommodate your wishes for complete customization. Whether it’s a large family portrait, natural surrounding or a simple color backdrop, we can cater to the needs just as we have done for many years. Make sure to notify us of the precise customization requirements while receiving your free quote. That way, you can guarantee your perfect picture gets the treatment it deserves.

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