Freelance Photographer Singapore

We are living in an era of modern technology decade and the need of saving moments and memories gets more and more. Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can have the eye for a good photograph. Moments, lighting, field experience, as well as photography and technical knowledge are needed for a good photo.

At The Digital Moments, we provide professional photography and videography services (opened & curated by an International Multi Award Winning Photographer based in Singapore). We pride ourselves in providing you with proper professional photography services that will suit your occasion. Quality over Quality.

Outdoors Portrait Photography Rate in 2021 (Covid 19 Discount)

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we see a pattern - many of our clients are not willing to pay the actual minimum cost for Premium, Professional Quality Outdoors Photography now. The Digital Moments have lowered our time to a short 30 minutes session to lessen the hole in your pocket.

Styles: Outdoor Family Photoshoot, Outdoor Corporate Photography, Portfolio Photography, Editorial Photography, Outdoor Headshot Photography, Outdoor Couple Photography, Surprise Proposal Photography, ROM Photography

We have dropped to the cost where it wont hurt your wallet:

30 mins: $130

Raw Photographs will still go through the usual stringent process of editing before submission to you.

Outdoor & Portrait Photography Rate

Styles: Individual Portraits, Corporate Portraits or Headshots, Family, Couple, Friends

  • 1 Hour: $220
  • 2 Hours: $370
  • 3 Hours: $520
  • 4 Hours: $670

For other types of photography, do contact us for a customized quote.

Event Photography Rate

Styles: Birthday, Anniversaries, Small Family Gatherings, Small Social Gatherings

  • 1 Hour: $190
  • 2 Hours: $290
  • 3 Hours: $390
  • 4 Hours: $490

$120/hr for 5 Hours and above.

The Digital Moments covers a wide range of Photography Services that will suit private and corporate clients.

Why Choose Us?

1. Qualified & Experienced Professional Photographers

The Digital Moments is opened and managed by an experienced photographer, an International Multi Award Winning Photographer based in Singapore. We curate photographers, the best of the best join us.

We provide high-quality and amazing photos. People hire a pro who is not only qualified, but also experienced. Our photographers have many years of training & experience, and strive for quality of photographs over quantity.

Corporate Portraits

2. Expect Beautiful and High-Quality Images

If you would like to have properly framed photos that will last a lifetime, you should not hesitate to contact us. We offer a collection of the quality photos at the end of your photo shoot.

We shoot in only RAW formats and this helps our photographs look the best in any situation after post processing.

When we edit the photos, we go through them one by one and adjust the photo accordingly. It is a tedious way but the only way so that we can deliver quality photographs to you.

3. Exceptional Photography Experience

If you hire us, expect an outstanding level of service. We are dedicated to providing quality, and beautiful photography catered to your liking and style.

During the photography session with us, our photographers emphasize on you and your family, friends, colleagues, etc.

We will make you and everyone in the photo shoot feel relaxed and ensure that the entire photo shoot experience will be a worth.

Contact us now to book your slot!