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Our Objective: provide Quality over Quantity, we do not simply press the shutter for the sake of it. Before submitting the final set to you, we will sieve out the unpublishable photos; closed eyes, accidental blurs, under exposed photos.
What you get in the end, are quality, usable, pleasant photos, instead of receiving a thousand photos for a 3 hour event.

Count on us for Professional Photography coverage at The Digital Moments.

Here is our usual event rate:

Event Photography Pricing in 2024

  • 1 Hour: $270
  • 2 Hours: $370
  • 3 Hours & above: $175/ hour

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At The Digital Moments, we have the expertise and experience to cover your project and provide you with quality photography services in Singapore.

Since we are specialized in the provision of professional event photography services, we also look forward to preserving and capturing your most cherished of memories.

We cover different shoots like:

- Family photography
- Individual portrait photography
- Wedding photography
- Corporate photography
- Engagement photography
- Event photography

Professional Photography you can rely on

As a professional photo team, we have shot hundreds of thousands of photos. The wide selection of backgrounds, professional lighting, and digital cameras we offer all work hand in hand to ensure that you get that professionally personalised look in all your photos, birth announcements, business headshots, and religious celebrations.

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