Professional Photographer/ Videographer in Covid19 Singapore

The Covid 19 Pandemic has taken a toll on almost all of us, worldwide. Alot of our work has to stop, especially Non- Essential Businesses, to curb the spread of the deadly virus in Singapore from March 2020.
We are glad to reopen our Professional Photography & Professional Videography service when Phase 2 starts on 19th June 2020.
In Phase 2, we are able to provide Photography & Videography for small groups.

ROM marriage during Covid 19 in Singapore

One of our Latest ROM ceremony coverage during Covid 19 in Singapore. This is the Norm for now. Congratulations to G & E!

Photography Service during Phase 2 Covid 19

What The Digital Moments can provide for now:
Family Shoots (Indoor/ Outdoors),
Graduation Shoots (Indoor/ Outdoors)
Couple Shoots with your beloved pet/s (Indoor/ Outdoors),
Editorial/ Commercial Portraits (Office/ Studio/ Environmental)
Any small groups/ Individual Portraitures that are within the law limit.

ROM Photography & Videography during solemnisation can also be covered during Phase 2 of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The Digital Moments Outdoors Photography Rate 2020

  • 1 Hour: $220
  • 2 Hours: $370
  • 3 Hours: $520
  • 4 Hours: $670

High End Result for the rate you are paying

We try to capture candid moments that are unnoticed/ go by our eye in real time, as these expressions leave real fast from our faces.

We recommend staying in 1 location, instead of going to multiple locations (especially via a vehicle). This is to fully maximise the scheduled time for photo opportunities, instead of time being used to travel. Example, we start the shoot in Symphony Lake in Singapore Botanic Gardens. We can walk around for scenic spots around there, and then walk towards Swan Lake. While walking, we walk ahead in front of you, trying to gather more candid photos of you/ your loved ones walking towards a the target spot.

We shoot in the highest quality available in our DSLR (RAW Format), thus minimal details are lost. By this way of post processing, we have a greater room to enhance the colors/ contrast of the digital photos. No JPEGS in-camera are as good as your own Raw processing.

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Photos are gone through one by one. The unpublishable ones are sieved out first (like closed eyes, slightly out of focused ones). We then process the remaining publishable ones. Again, processing the publishable ones, we go through one by one.

Benefits of booking our Photography & Videography Service

Our small team is a mix of school taught, experienced photographers from years of experience on hand.
We aim to provide top notched quality photography at our rates. Alot of our past photographs, the end results photos are not possible to achieve if we did not direct our clients on "How to pose". We do these often, which are not done by cheap service.

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We also cover event photography services.