Photography Services Pricing Singapore

We get questions on cost regularly. Below is the price list for the more common events such as Corporate Events and Dinners, Shop Opening, Birthday Parties, Launch Parties and Concert Photography.

Price list for these shoots:

  • 1 Hour: $170
  • 2 Hours: $270
  • 3 Hours: $370
  • 4 Hours: $470
  • 5 Hours and above: $115 an hour

We also provide Event Videography and Live Feed Videography Coverage. Capture not only stills, but motion during your event too!

Different genres, different cost

For events, birthday parties, it is pretty straight forward to quote, as the shoots are not complicated. However, when it comes to Editorial and Commercial Photography, it is better to know more of your requirements before we can give you a quotation over the phone or via email.

The cost varies and some factors and info that we need to know will include:

  • Number of planned photos required
  • Duration
  • Kind of shoot
  • Type of photos; e.g. Annual Reports, Product,  Lifestyle or Food Photography

After we get to know more information, then will we be able to quote you accurately.

You may view more of our other types of work here; Family Photography and Food Photography.

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