Live Streaming Set Up Service Singapore

The Digital Moments now provides you something which others does not: Purchase and Set Up of Videography Equipments for Video Live Streaming in your company. What this means - We provide a 1-time Purchase, Installation and Setting up of Videography Equipment for your future Live Streaming Video in your location. Read On.

Video Live Feed for Audience at home/ office in Singapore

The amount of equipment needed for Live Streaming to your online audience (as shown here) can be complex.

Video Streaming Set Up Service

At The Digital Moments, we Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, many venues and events have a restriction on the number of people allowed to be at on location. Companies have decided to go online, to do live video streaming for wider reach.

Your company wants to host multiple Live Streams in time to come and do not find it cost effective to engage an external vendor each time.

If you do not have the expertise, knowledge, skills and time to research on what are the required equipment to purchase for your live feed or live streaming, we are here for you.



What We Can Solve For You:

  • What Video Equipments to purchase?
  • How to purchase?
  • How much to purchase?
  • Where to purchase?
  • What to do after purchase of the Video Streaming Equipments?

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Live Streaming Video Equipment Purchase + Set Up Rate 2022

We help you to purchase brand new necessary equipments needed for your future Live Streaming, for those of you whom do not want to hire Video Streaming Vendors multiple times due to budget constrains. Pay more in the beginning, save much more in the long run.

Here is how we quote you fairly:

  • The Digital Moments fee will be 20% of the total equipment cost that we purchase for you
  • Original Receipt of purchase will be provided to you from shop of purchase
  • We only purchase from our reliable camera shop in Singapore
Cost includes 1 time set up of all equipments on location + teaching on usage of equipments.

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Require professional guidance for set up and installation of  Video Live Streaming in Singapore?

We also cover Outdoor Photoshoots. Check it out.