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Every birthday deserves to be remembered through beautiful photos. Whether the celebrant is having a party or not, each year is always special. One’s growth and development throughout life can be captured and preserved, along with wonderful memories.

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Birthday Photography for Celebrant and Celebration

As a trusted birthday photography company in Singapore, we are often hired to cover an event where people gather to celebrate. Capturing even the tiniest details on camera counts.

People’s laughter, the birthday cake, fun and exciting games, happy kids, beautiful themed decors, delicious-looking food and menu, special family moments - all of these make for an easy way to recount the special event with a big smile.

Celebrants can opt to also hire a professional photographer for a photo shoot outside of the event, such as during a prenuptial shoot for a wedding. Such services are enjoyed too by those who simply want pictures of themselves on their birthday even without a party.

The Digital Moments Birthday Photography Rate

  • 1 Hour: $170
  • 2 Hours: $270
  • 3 Hours: $370
  • 4 Hours: $470
  • 5 Hours and above: $115 an hour

Preserving Memories and Milestones

Good photographerswill strive to capture every beautiful moment such as a hidden smile, sudden tears, a high five between friends, a look of love and a hug shared among family members, a winning moment, and a humorous instance.

We make sure that each and every significant part of the time we spend with you is caught on camera. These images can be put together to recall those precious memories and milestones with great detail while reminiscing the emotions present at the time.

Every photograph is a work of art when you have a team of professionals taking the snapshots. Indeed our experienced photographers can also make you feel at home during actual shoots, putting you at ease and making your poses look natural whether it’s during the day or at night.

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When dealing with pictorials for a baby or for children, the best photographers have a way to make them look adorable, charming, stylish, funny, and more without forcing them. This is very important in order to have a good outcome, which is why our photographers are well-trained in this regard. After all, these little ones should also be made comfortable and happy all throughout.

Many Singaporeans also like to book a family portrait in a particular setting, styled with a certain theme. This can be included in your party coverage package, depending on what you choose.


The Benefits of Booking our Birthday Photographer Singapore

We not only have highly skilled and experienced photographers who specialize in birthdays, but our professionals are also trained to handle pictorials with anyone at any age.

If you look at the portfolio posted on this website, you will be left with no doubt in terms of quality. We also have up-to-date equipment suitable for professional shots, whether indoor or outdoor, day or night. We also use props for styling and can apply added effects as you wish.

Do check out our gallery here and on our Facebook page to see for yourself how we can help you remember each beautiful instance in your life. From studio sequences and location shoots with a child to maternity pictorials, couple portraits, corporate events, and pre-wedding scenes, you will definitely enjoy viewing everything.


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If you have already seen our gallery, we also invite you to read the list of testimonials from our past clients to help you get ready for booking. For more information on what we do and offer, you may want to also check out other pages for other photography genre we cover.

Try looking for reliable, efficient photographers in the city through an online search. Our services span across various categories! The results are sure to show some of the best in the industry, and that’s why you need not look further. We make sure that every hour will be worth it for you because our photographers will be photographing away passionately.


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